Worktops, Splashbacks & Upstands

Worktops, Splashbacks & Upstands

Worktops are very much central to the design of your kitchen and with so many options now available, finding the ideal surface to compliment your new kitchen perfectly, shouldn’t be too difficult.


Quartz represents a great alternative to natural materials and its physical properties mean it’s a hard wearing and durable material ideal for kitchen worktops.

This man-made material contains 93% natural mineral. In order to achieve the desired colour and consistency, quartz is combined with resin binder and colourants (7%). When comparing quartz and granite worktop qualities are similar but not identical.

One advantage of quartz is with uniform structure and extensive selection of colours that allows designing a personalised kitchen. Among light shades, white is particularly popular because there is no pure white rock (granite) available in nature.

Granite Worktops

A popular choice in new kitchens due to its natural beauty and durability. A granite worktop will maintain its diamond polished finish for years.

Sourced from all over the world and ideal for that special surface in your kitchen, each slab of stone is one of a kind with its own characteristics and colouring, formed millions of years ago deep below the Earth’s surface.

Solid Acrylic Worktops (Corian ©)

Offers one of the most versatile material available for kitchen work surfaces. It is available in a huge variety of colours and can be crafted to any shape to include sinks, drainers and splash backs, all with seamless joints. It is a non-porous surface which rejects the growth of bacteria making it an ideal surface to prepare food on.

Wooden Worktops

In both traditional and contemporary styled kitchens, wooden work surfaces create a classic look. As an entirely natural product they are practical, durable , beautiful and can last for many years if they are well maintained.

Postformed Laminate Worktops

The most cost effective work surface on the market. It is available in a vast variety of colours and finishes, giving the appearance of wood, granite etc and is very durable, lasting for many years when treated correctly.

Bespoke Toughened Glass Painted Splashbacks

Deco Glaze are our supplier of choice for bespoke back painted glass splashbacks and these make a stunning addition to your new kitchen.

Deco Glaze only use low iron opticlear glass, which is completely transparent, with minimal green tint. This ensures the colour shows up as bolder and more vibrant, giving your kitchen a beautiful and dynamic finish. With a large range of colours and finishes to choose from, you can even have your own image/graphic.

Glass is toughened where needed, offering increased strength and safety. The glass is also heat resistant up to 200 degrees Celsius – meaning no stains… no marks… and total resistance to acid and is backed by Decoglazes’ 10 year guarantee against delamination and discolouration.

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